For over 35 years, Dena Bellows has explored the 26 distinct letters of our alphabet.  Showcased throughout this site are a variety of samples, illustrating the use of different tools, materials and techniques. From designing custom invitations, maps, menus, books, greeting cards and custom quotations to addressing envelopes or placecards, Dena is the experienced artist behind this stunning and stylish work. For additional viewing, following me on Instagram at: dblettering.  

I am located in the NW Suburbs of Chicago, but as you will see, I do work for clients across the country. I have exhibited and taught nationwide, and accept both corporate and individual commissions. Please contact me to discuss your ideas; I can customize your vision, whether traditional or contemporary - to fit the parameters of your project.Thank you.

Ahaa do you create them?  Does hand lettering fit the parameters for your invitation, envelope, placecard, menu, map or quotation?  Styling, attention to detail, make an impression, crafted by hand - these phrases all embrace the pieces I create.  Master skill, experience, variety, reliability and the ability to collaborate on projects are just a few of the buzz words that reflect my talents.  For a closer look with frequent updates, check me out on Instagram (dblettering) and I'll be happy to discuss your project!
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